Best Air Purifier In India Reviews Comparison & Buying guide 2017

An Air purifier basically works by drawing all the air in the machine, The machine is composed of various parts that then clean the air as it moves in them. These purifiers are essential with people who have allergies or have asthma or its symptoms, these purifiers clean the air and provide the user and healthier air to breathe, we will go through what you need to check before buying an air purifier and even go through most of the types of air purifiers so you won’t face any issues when purchasing a new one.

Best Air Purifiers Buying Guide

When you are making the decision to buy an air purifier you might want to look for these things:

An essential part of the air purifier is its “filter” as it is the reasons why we get to breathe healthy air, it’s important to look for a purifier with filter change alert, as over time it might collect a lot of waste and not be able to do so anymore.

The next would be its air-exchange rate go for the higher values, the air purifier with higher air exchange rate will purify your room at faster speed. For an empty space or a room, getting one with dust sensor would be a good solution, with this you might have to compromise on the speed and some other factors but it will help you know the quality of the air you are breathing, with higher fan speed you can get better and faster air purification but it accompanies more noise than the fan makes.

Keep a lookout for HEPA filtration, it’s the most used filtration used for removing allergens and some other small harmful particles from the air. there are other filters that have been developed to mimic the uses of this one which you can use if you have a tight budget.

Quick tips to select best air purifier in India

There are things to consider before you buy purifiers make sure that you consider these before you purchase one:

1.If one of your reasons for getting a new one allergies or symptoms of asthma then you should go for the best money can buy you, but if your symptoms are that serious and you just need it for regular use then you can get an affordable one.

2. Which one do you need a whole house or room purified, and whether you actually need it? you might notice the difference by using some other less pricey method like getting a good quality furnace filter for your household unit. But if you are sure then you can go for a good quality whole house purifier.

3. Space is something that you have to figure out before you purchase one as they tend to be a little on the heavier side.

4. Then you might want to factor in the room that you need the air purifier for, if it is for your bedroom choose the one that makes the least noise, or if it’s for your hall try one that has speed adjustment settings, you can always use the high setting for reducing the noise.

Home air purifier

Once you have installed a home purifier you will notice the difference in the air you breathe almost instantly, these air purifiers come equipped with some best filtration technologies like dust sensors and filter change alert which we have covered.For purification of in a house which has multiple rooms or a single one, a home purifier might work out best for you depending on the size of your rooms you can choose one that will help you get rid of the smallest dust particles and even pet hairs that only someone with pets would understand.

Car Air Purifier

Similar to home purifies car purifier make use of filters, there are various companies that provide different models and the effects of each one are slightly different or vastly different it all depends on the technologies being used, if you get one with Hepa filtration it will do a great job of getting rid of the allergens and bacteria but you will still have a car that smells like whatever you ate in it. a car air purifier with more than one filtering stages works best for car purification, so it might be good to look for one that has more.

Room Air Purifier

Room purifier would be much suited for you needs if you need one for a tiny space and not your whole house, you can forego whole house purifiers which are sure to cost way more than a room purifier. You might think that it’s not necessary to use a room purifier but there are bacteria and allergens which if you are exposed to constantly might trigger allergic reactions or symptoms of asthma so it’s better to be prepared rather than taking chance with your health. And a room purifier is not that expensive you can find one within your budget.

Air purifier for allergies

HEPA is a term you might have heard if you have been doing some research into getting an air purifier that takes care of allergens and distributes fresh and germ-free air to your room or environment. It is one of the popular air filtration techniques there are some lesser known filtration methods which have been developed based on HEPA but if you are someone who has severe allergies then HEPA is the perfect solution’s in that case. For people with mild allergies, other filters might work as well so they don’t need to spend a large amount of HEPA equipped purifier.

Portable air purifier

A portable air purifier is cheaper, lightweight, and little in size but it provides excellent purifying services, lets say you are in a dorm room, a small office, a hotel room, or your car you can use this single air purifier at all these places without having to spend an enormous amount for getting one for each of these places which can be waste of money and time. some of you might wonder if it really works, don’t let its size fool you it works just great and you will get to breathe in clean air.

UV Air Purifier

UV air purifiers are mostly used by in hospital environment to get rid of particles which do so, by reducing or eliminating airflow. Most the UV air purifiers are built in a great a way and won’t have any side effects such lung damage which is what you might face if you don’t do proper research and just grab one. Although not a lot of people prefer using UV air purifiers they are useful in their own way.

Air Purifier for Smoke

Many of you might have been to a place that provides a smoking room, some of the places take measure to eliminate this smoke like making use of an air purifiers so that room will not smell like smoke even after the occupant leaves, it could be good for smokers who want to get rid of the smoke from their houses or can be used in cars so that your seats won’t smell like smoke.

8 Top Brands Air Purifiers In India

1. Eureka Forbes Air Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aeroguard Mist 56-Watt Air Purifier has been rated about 4 and a half stars by the users who have purchased it and most of them have good things to say about it.

It includes features such as an Advanced 6 stage filtration, then there is super composition filter that has a smart sensor technology along with an intelligent filter change alarm, apart from that it even has a 4 stage speed control with breathing safe filter and a Built-in sleep mode. And it has an easy to use remote.

Modern design which looks great in all rooms.
You can use it for 2 rooms
It comes equipped with proper settings so you won’t have any trouble with noise just activate the sleep mode.

You will not get the spare air filter which is required after 12 months.
It lies within the cost range of 14k-18k so not every can afford to buy it.

2. Hepa Air Purifier

AMERICAN MICRONIC – 22 Watts Air Purifier with HEPA filter has been rated 4.5 stars by most of the customers leaving it just a little short to reach the 5-star mark, and most of the users find it to be affordable.

Product Information
as promised has an HEPA Filter that gets rids of air borne particles, it also includes an Activated Carbon Filter which takes care of oil vapours & odours. No ozone gas to harm your environment, then it has a Built-in Ioniser which can be turned on/off as per your requirements. and it provides a convenience of 1-2-4-8 hour timer that has 3 speed Air flow that includes a sleep mode. Perfect for a room size of 150-200 sq. feet.

Price ranges from 4k-6k depending on where you choose to get it from
Best for dust prone areas or rooms.
HEPA filtration is a big plus for getting rid of the allergens in the air.
Effective for a small room space and if you have a better budget then you can choose some other option

3. Holmes Air Purifier

Holmes HEPA Type Tower Air Purifier, HAP424-U rated 3 and a half stars by the users, this particular air purifier has received mix feedback from the users, it has worked out for some while others think that they might have chosen better. This one is more suited for smoke and allergen impurities.
Product Information
An air purifier that has a space-saving tower design and is effective for rooms up to 180 square feet.Then it includes a washable pre-filter, there are 3-speed settings and it has even given an optional ioniser. consist of an HEPA-type filter which takes care of the allergen, it has a filter that has been enhanced with baking soda for eliminating odours and even has a filter-change indicator light.
an air purifier that can be used for getting rid of smokes and will save you the trouble of going out when smoking
Gets rid of pet odours and even on the lowest setting, it doesn’t make much noise.
Even with the high cost, it has failed to satisfy all the customers.

4. Honeywell Air Purifier

Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier has 4 stars and as it is suitable for most of the car types.
Product Information
Comes equipped with a high-Grade HEPA filter which removes PM 2.5, dust and makes air pure, then it has an advance double layer active carbon filter which removes VOCs, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, bacteria, virus, toxic gases and other such odours.
apart from that, it is completely ozone free, with CADR of 12 Cu m/hr, it can be used in various kinds of cars from small to the SUVs.
and it noise made is minimum so is the power usage.
Quite right for air purification and has a decent build quality.
the Long cable, gives you the option of placing it at the rear end of the car.
Replacement filter cost is affordable.
Dust particles might be left behind.
Noisy in high-speed mode.
Has to be connected to the car connector which can limit you and you will have to choose whether you want to charge your device or breathe better air

5.Kent Air Purifier

Kent Ozone Room Air Purifier has been rated 3 stars and is much better suited for tiny spaces.
Product Information
It comes in handy for neutralising stale and foul odour at a quick speed and provides fresh air, You don’t have to worry about it making noise, maintenance is not required i.e no need to change any parts. Has a 3-mode selector that will suit different requirements
it kills bacteria, viruses and harmful germs and doesn’t leave any of trace of them behind.
Small spaces like table tops and car, and it doesn’t make any noise.
It produces ozone gas which can disinfect air borne virus/bacteria
Cost from 2k to 3k so it’s the most affordable one so far.
it can be too small and won’t work well for a bigger space

6. Sharp Air Purifier

Sharp Air Purifier FP-F40E-W has received a 4 and a half star rating from the customers and
Product Information
has been built with dual action, plasma cluster technology that reduces a select harmful of germs as well as odours, next would be the HEPA filtration for getting rid of allergens and it also has a haze mode which delivers fresh air. also includes features like Auto-restart, a timer, a pre-filter and comes with a dust & odour sensors
active and passive modes of filtration have been introduced to its users.
sleep mode for silent operation and turns of light indicators automatically.
the placement of air suction can be pointless in some places.

7. Oreck Air Purifier

Oreck Air Purifier Tabletop XL Professional actually seems like a decent air purifier and many users are adamant that is works well and has received 4 stars from the costumers who have purchased it.
Product Information
CADR52 which works effectively for getting rid of smokes, with cord Length of 6 ft it gives more space to manoeuvre, is equipped with Truman Cell filtration technique and has 3-speed settings. Best for room size up to 80 sq ft.
Good design the size of a desktop printer.
good in terms of air purification
Only takes care of smoke at high setting.
It costs around 10k which can be expensive.

8. Philips Air Purifier

Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20 Air Purifier has been given 3 and a half stars by its users, which is more suitable for use in bedrooms and has a very classy design that will not ruin the outlook of your house.
Product Information
Has been developed with VitaShield IPS Technology which includes auto Mode and even an allergen Mode,
also has a night mode, it covers room size up to 63 sq m. Good for smoke purification. Also, includes a filter technology that kills the harmful germs.The best part is that it is 100% Ozone Free and releases no harmful chemicals into the environment.
The Extra-thick NanoProtect TRUE HEPA Series 1 Filter provides healthy purification
Doesn’t need a lot of time to switch settings.
At 9k it might be a little pricey for some customers.
Indicator settings for night mode

9. Therapure Air Purifier

New Therapure Uv Germicidal Air Purifier, Hepa Type, Photo Catalyst, TPP 540 has a rating of 4 stars and costs about 9.5 k which is the average cost of a decent air purifier.
Product Information
This is a very effective tool i.e air purifier for getting rid of impurities in the air, consists of a permanent HEPA Filter which can be cleaned, and a UV Bulb which takes care of remaining bacteria.
Easy cleaning mechanism.
Healthy air purification with HEPA filter.
Good design.
Just the cost which might be high otherwise it’s a fantastic air purifier

We have gone through some of the most popular purifiers and we have seen what makes them stand out and how effective they are the main goal was to help you understand what you need to look for when you decide to purchase one, as discussed already you will have to take note of things like size of the room and cost is one of the important factors go for the one that covers most of your needs.