Philips Air Purifier Review and Ratings

There are many companies producing many models of Air purifiers nowadays, as the threat of Air pollution is increasing. But, some of them stand out as more reputable and trusted; like the Philips. Started in 1891, Philips has come a long way. The Top 5 air purifiers from Philips are as follows:

  1. Philips Gopure SlimLine 210 Air Cleaner / Purifier

  • This product from Philips looks like a Printer in design but works very well like an air purifier. The features are:
    It is basically built to be used in the car, but you can also use it in a small room.
  • It effectively removes all the fine particles and toxic gases.
  • The unique high-efficiency filtration technology removes even the fine particles up to the size of PM 2.5 and toxic gases to keep the car occupants healthy.
  • It has a smart filter management with a LED indicator.
  • With the 3 layered HEPA filters, it does quick filtration within 15 minutes.
  • The purification starts automatically as the car turns on.

2. Philips Air Purifier AC4014

  • This is a good looking air purifier which works even better. The advanced filtration system eliminates all the harmful waste in 3 stages.
  • These 3 stages are 1. The Antibacterial Pre-filter, 2. The Activated carbon filter, 3. The HEPA filter. The smart sensor measures and controls the indoor air quality regularly.
  • It has a filter replacement alarm indicator too. There is 3 step light indicators to show the current quality of air, and 3 step fan speeds too.
  • There is an easy-to-set timer for 1, 4 or 8 hours.
  • Buy online this product from Amazon.

3. Philips GoPure SlimLine 230 Compact Automotive Car Air Purifier

This is another quality product from Philips which is primarily made to be used in a car.


  • It removes up to 99% of all the car air pollution.
  • It integrates perfectly in the car and gives you fresh and healthy air to breathe.
  • It has a light Indicator to show the purity of the current air.
  • It can be automatically turned on/off with the car and has a filter replacement indicator.
  • It has 3-speed settings and the filter lifespan is around 350 hours.
  • In 13 minutes it can clean the air of the whole car.
  • The ratings are 4 stars out of 5.

4. Philips Air Purifier 2000

  • This air purifier has turned out to be very effective in cleaning the house indoor air.
  • The 3 stage of filtering, the Pre-filter, true HEPA filter, and the Activated carbon filter; reduces all the odours, gases, allergens, pollen and the pet dander completely.
  • It captures up to 99.97% of all these impurities with size as small as the 0.3 microns.
  • The AeraSense technology detects even the slightest change in the indoor air quality and acts accordingly. The colour ring shows the current air quality.
  • This product is ideal for large to medium sized rooms.
  • It has got ratings of 4.5 out of 5 stars.
  • Buy online on Amazon for $329.

5. Philips GoPure Compact 200 Car Air Purifier

This Car air purifier is a very powerful performer in cleaning the car air.


  • It has an Automotive clean air system with healthy air indicator.
  • The 3 stage filtering process eliminates up to 99% of all the harmful pollutants.
  • It can remove harmful gases, smoke, bacteria, odours, dust, pollen, pet hair, and other particles from the vehicle.
  • 3 times better tobacco smoke residue removal with the HESA technology.
  • It has an automatic switch on/off, a filter replacement indicator and 2 fan speeds.
  • It uses just 3 watts of power.
  • It has got 3.9-star ratings out of 5.


Artificial purification of air has become necessary now, as the air pollution has increased to alarming levels. These Philips models are more than enough to keep your Indoor air clean to breathe and keep you healthy as much as it can.

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