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Air Purifiers for Bedroom

Hepa Filter Air Purifier For Bedroom

So it feels great being out in the open, but studies show that in reality, we spend 90% of our time indoors. Now, with various studies pointing to COVID-19 being potentially airborne, is it time we pay more attention to the air we are breathing at home?

Parents want to find out if they need air purifiers in their homes and how effective these things are.

Sales for air purifiers surged when the world was hit by the regional haze in 2018. Retailers say sales went up by up to five times compared with the same period last year.

Do you have any air purifiers in your bedroom?

Worry about dust and allergies? And do you find that it’s been effective? When you breathe, you feel that the air is thinner, especially the smell. You put it there, the smell will go. And there’s less dust. And what we understand, the filter can trap bacteria and viruses.

Most of the air filters that we are talking about these days pride themselves on having a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter holds itself to a very high standard in that it’s specified to filter out up to, I think, 99.97% of particles.

This includes infective pathogens and viruses. And so, I guess an air purifier with a HEPA filter would probably be quite effective, especially if the air sort of circulates through the air purifier multiple times.”

“However, having said that, I think we should be mindful not to think of the air purifier as like a magic bullet. I think the overall strategy to reduce one’s risk really would be to include things like frequent hand washing, and wiping of surfaces.

An air purifier itself, while it may provide an adjunct to improving the air quality, shouldn’t be thought of as like the magic bullet to keeping ourselves safe from infective pathogens in general.”

Air Purifier For Home With Hepa Filter

Basic air purifiers come with what’s called HEPA filters and activated carbon. HEPA filters are grader filters that can remove microscopic particles in the air. Together with the activated carbon, these air purifiers claim to remove harmful substances from the air by up to 99.9%.

Are air purifiers for bedrooms effective?

What kind of pollutants? We’re dealing with and where you put it since the Environmental Protection Agency warns that filter-free air cleaners can generate high amounts of lung-irritating ozone. The EPA instead says to start by looking for air purifiers with a HEPA filter. But it does need to run rather continuously for it to be effective.

Research shows air purifiers can help remove harmful gases from the surrounding air. But in that case, old-fashioned ventilation is probably more effective. The devices are best at catching the slightly bigger tiny particles floating around in your home, like:

  • Allergens
  • Dust
  • Fungal spores
  • and emissions.

There’s strong evidence that helps reduce asthma symptoms in children, but the World Health Organization says household air pollution can lead to serious health problems for anyone.

Let’s cover whether an air purifier is required in what conditions it works and in what conditions it does not work.

5 Reasons You Need Our Air Purifier For Bedroom

Air Quality Index

The first is the Air Quality Index. Now, the Air Quality Index, as the name suggests, determines the quality of air in your area. It’s typically measured on a scale of zero to five hundred.

Zero to fifty is an acceptable number. From 50 to 100 is moderately acceptable. Anything beyond 100 is not acceptable.

To get an accurate Air Quality Index in your house, in your conditions, you might need to get an Air Quality Index meter. I’ve linked to a few in the description. And if you do purchase an air purifier, most air purifiers come with an Air Quality Index.

Your House Is In High-Density Traffic Area

The next reason you do need an air purifier is if you stay close to an area that has high-density traffic. Now, you might be staying in a city where the Air Quality Index is not so bad, but in that city, you might be staying in an area where the traffic density is high.

Because of this high density of traffic, nitrogen and carbon monoxide can stay for long periods in an enclosed space. An air purifier is useful to purify that air.

Smog Index Is High In Your Area

The third reason you might need an air purifier is if you have smog in your area. Yes, soot and smoke that is present in smog can be captured by an air purifier. However, certain particles in smog are small and cannot be captured by the HEPA filter in an air purifier.

So although you use an air purifier, you’ll get some relief from the smoke and the smog, but not completely because some particles are not captured. I just want you to keep this in mind when you do make a purchase based on whether you have smog in your area or not.

Purchase An Air purifier If You Have Asthma

The next reason you might want to purchase an air purifier is if somebody in your family has asthma or allergies. Now, depending on where you live, pollen and dust might be floating around in your air. And this pollen and dust typically cause allergens in people who have asthma and are susceptible to allergies.

Dust mites are also fairly common within the indoor spaces of a house. You might have seen in your house in certain areas where your broom or your vacuum do not go, you might have seen cotton-like dust in those areas or on the fans.

And those are also allergens that can affect people with asthma or different types of allergies. And yes, the air purifier is able to clean out the dust mites that are floating in the air, but you might need to vacuum the areas where the dust mites are settled on surfaces or the floor.

Your House Has Pathogens In The Air

The next reason you might need an air purifier if you have somebody who frequently gets cold and flu. Cold and flu are generally airborne. It spreads because of pathogens in the air. And that is the reason why when one person of the family gets a cold or flu, the rest of the family also generally catches it.

So an air purifier in this case is useful to clean out the air and hence reduces the bacteria and viruses that are spreading the cold and flu. And the last reason is if you have pets at home. Similar to humans, pets also shed skin and hair.

This can cause a runny nose, sneezing, and other types of allergies in some people. If that is the case, you might need an air purifier in that scenario.

In what conditions it does not work, it is important to know that air purifiers cannot get rid of all impurities or all pollutants in the air. Yes, it does reduce the amount of pollutants in an enclosed space. Whether an air purifier works or not in your house depends on the size of the particles in your house.

HEPA filter can reduce particles only up to 0.1 microns. What this means is that it can get rid of dust, smoke, pollen, mold, as well as soot. What it cannot get rid of is odors like pet odor or smoke odor, and it also cannot get rid of volatile organic compounds like paint smells and so on.

Like we mentioned for odors, you need to purchase an air purifier that has an activated carbon filter as well.

Best Condition to Use Air Purifier In The Bedroom

Air purifiers primarily work in enclosed spaces. So if in your house you predominantly keep your doors and windows open even at night, then the air purifier will not work or the efficiency of the air purifier will be much lower for you.

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